Letter: Walking is fastest way to travel

By READER: Richard Billups | 23/12/2016 0 comments

Letter: Walking is fastest way to travel

WHAT’S the use of having a high speed train coming from London and when it gets here all the roads are gridlocked?

Every week it gets worse trying to cross the main road. The A633 at the bottom of our street, you need a sick note to get across. The wife’s started to pack a picnic if we attempt to go to Rotherham.

After the car reaches the street  bottom it’s who knows how long we will be stood waiting for a gap to join the traffic jam and crawl to get to Rotherham. I always make sure we get our double yoke eggs from that lass in Rotherham Market as they are fresh and won’t hatch by the time we get back to Rawmarsh.

In the old days people travelling by stage coach made out their will before going on a journey. Today everyone travelling on stage coach know they are safe as they will be accompanied by cars, lorries, motorbikes and caravans on their journey no matter where they are going. The only really danger is old age before they get to their destination.

What’s needed is some money and someone with some grey matter; put these two together and let him or her come up with something to clear the jams.

It’s the 21st century and walking is the fastest way to travel. I hope somebody takes notice and does something fast.

Richard Billups, East Avenue, Rawmarsh

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