LETTER: Volunteers needed

By READER | 11/04/2017

LETTER: Volunteers needed

THE British Red Cross is appealing for volunteers to help deliver a brand new service in Rotherham which will provide vital support to around 600 lonely and isolated local people.

The new service is being delivered through the Red Cross' partnership with the Co-op and Rotherham is among the first of nearly 40 communities across the UK to benefit from this funding.

A study by the Co-op and the Red Cross published in December 2016 revealed epidemic levels of loneliness and social isolation in the UK, with over nine million people in the UK feeling always or often lonely. Rotherham was identified as an area where a particularly high number of people are in need of additional support.

The Red Cross’ new Support at Home services are launching in May 2017 and will offer direct, personalised support for people experiencing loneliness or social isolation.

Up to 16 volunteers are needed to support the new services with a commitment of around two hours a week.

The volunteers will work directly with people affected by loneliness and social isolation. They will offer positive encouragement, practical help and emotional support depending on a person's needs. They’ll identify and attend activities and services with the person they support in their local area, helping to build their confidence.

We know how damaging loneliness and social isolation can be and so we’re calling on people in and around Rotherham to take action by giving just a few hours a week to volunteer to help. Even a little amount of time can make a big difference.

For more information or to sign up visit: redcross.org.uk/tackleloneliness.

Mike Adamson, chief executive at the British Red Cross