LETTER: Views are non-sensical tosh

By READER | 22/08/2017

LETTER: Views are non-sensical tosh

RAY Darby ‘ex-Rotherham’ is obviously a man in some anguish that a Corbyn-led Labour party managed to attract 40 per cent plus of those who voted in the recent election (Your Letters — June 30).

According to him it was down to JC bribing our young to get out of bed which produced a result that “doesn’t make any sense”.

Well, it does actually. While it is undoubtedly true youngsters, particularly in university seats, were attracted by a promise to end tuition fees (I assume he mis-spoke in saying it involved union membership), one only needs to ask him why he thinks Cameron introduced a pensioner friendly triple lock. Rest assured it had zero to do with sound finances.

Personally speaking, I was offended by his claim I had been somehow fooled. About what exactly? My letter of June 23 merely pointed out that our youth played a huge part in turning the result. Whether it was due entirely to Corbyn’s perceived bribe on fees is doubtful, given they had many other grievances to air. The fact is that they generally have less of a problem with immigration, the issue of unaffordable housing and genuine fears for their future prospects once we leave the EU for starters. Suggesting most are rude, lazy, immoral, drug-fuelled alcoholics said more about Mr Darby’s jaundiced views than those of the kids.

Dear God, what extraordinary ignorance he foisted on readers in a rant spread out over 600 bile-laden words.

Where to even begin addressing the mountain of cherry-picked tosh is difficult, but I’ll give it a go anyway, if only because he twice tried to portray me as a gullible idiot.

So, if I understand him correctly, Corbyn is a Trotskyite, Marxist, socialist-minded fascist. In other words the mutant love child of a four in a bed connivance between two Russian deep thinkers, Tony Benn and Adolf Hitler.

How grateful should we be he didn’t toss communists and scientologists into the mix! Had he managed to rein in his John Bull rhetoric for a minute and concentrated instead on the man’s disastrous intentions to throw money around like confetti I, for one, would have agreed with him.

Next to his equally non-sensical pretence that Brown’s overspending led to a worldwide banking crisis in 2008. Would that we any longer had the clout to influence a mayfly’s death wish, let alone globally conducted finance.

Beyond question the recession, similarly experienced in most other countries, was due to a precipitous fall in tax receipts brought on by regulatory failures together with the behaviour of greed fuelled capitalists, bankers and the like, too busy lining their own pockets. All of it triggered by sub-prime mortgage shenanigans in the U.S.

At this point readers need to be reminded that, before the 2010 election, Cameron signed off Brown’s spending programme and, if elected, promised to relax banking regulations. Then, when nasty stuff started to hit the fan and, after he performed a hand-brake turn, he then had his gross hypocrisy wiped clean from Tory central records.

I could go on to discuss Osborne’s long term economic plan and Brexit, both colossal errors of judgement. Plus strong and stable Theresa who, stunningly, has actually managed to make Corbyn electable.

It only serves to show that the public is well and truly stuffed whichever way we go.

Ian Hoyle, Broom Valley Road, Rotherham