LETTER: VAR for all

LETTER: VAR for all

By Admin | 14/01/2020

LETTER: VAR for all

I WOULD like to beg the question, is it fair  VAR is only allowed at Premier League grounds in the FA Cup?

With this in mind I have challenged the FA to view certain glaring blunders made by the inept officials in our game with Hull City.

All three goals had controversy, the first stemming from a free kick given them which should have gone our way,

The second when a Hull player ran the ball quite visibly out of play, play was allowed to continue and score again. Then their goalkeeper plucked the ball from way outside his area, clear for everyone to see, except you guessed, the officials stood only a few yards away. And to top it all, several Hull players are stood offside from a free kick, officials ignored again, the ball goes for a corner and the winner is scored.

All in all, a shocking display from both linespeople and referee. Would VAR have altered the result? In this case, most definitely.

Peter Allott, Swinton Miller