LETTER: Two sides to every story

By Admin | 26/06/2017

LETTER: Two sides to every story

JUST wow reading that comment (Advertiser June 23) about the pushchairs on the 137 service.

I use the 137 and 138 bus daily with my nine-month-old baby in his pushchair.

The bus is never dangerously overcrowded with pushchairs as many times I’ve been left standing in the rain where pensioners with their shopping trolleys refuse to move them out of the wheelchair and pushchair spaces.

Yes there have been times where myself and another parent have had to strategically park our pushchairs on the single decker buses but when someone has pressed the bell to get off we have moved ourselves out of the way.

The difference is.... people seem to forget simple manners such as “excuse me please”.

No one is saying a pensioner has to stand up for a pushchair, but a bit of common sense and a few manners would be a great start to everyone getting along on a bus.

Two sides to every story!

Tasha Vaughan, Rotherham