LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tougher bill needed for marches and riots

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tougher bill needed for marches and riots

By Admin | 23/04/2021

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tougher bill needed for marches and riots


HAVING seen the front page of the Advertiser (April 15), maybe people will not wonder why in my letter I support a tougher bill for rioters and marches.

There are too many thugs and anarchists looking just for trouble under so-called peaceful protest marches. While this example is not one of those, the principles apply.

That’s what some of the thugs do at the marches. Violence and looting. You would think some of the proper leaders of these marches would hang their heads in shame but they stay silent and out of the way.

If two porn kings can own and run West Ham United FC then why is there a problem for a young lady with a maybe disreputable past. I suspect some of the current councillors have transgressed in other ways. Like lying about what they knew of the abuse and shielding some of the perpetrators.

Who resurrected Wat Tyler. I did not know you could use fancy names only N & S supplied if you did not want people to know who you were. I agree with what he said but I do not see many of that rabble as Tories.

Mr Foulstone over dramatises as usual. I am not a great lover of Boris even if a Conservative vote , or a lot of his cabinet bit I do not see anyone any better. Mr Starmer is a Tory by another name like all the champagne socialists. The Green leader?who even is it? A Lib Dem. The Lib Dems are led a man who got a knighthood for failure. The Libs and greens are only good locally and then only some of them. Neither have any grasp of reality in the big world and Ed Davey failed on that when he entered into bondage with the Tories.

The party Mr Symonds wants may return to the left but without most of its MPs. Despite what the unions say, most working class who left school at 15 say 50 to 20 years ago are doing all right.

Only Covid has caused them problems.  

Dave Platts, either put up or shut up. Show the proof Israel caused the death of Corbyn. I am not a Zionist but I know it’s the one place I can go when people like you want to get rid of me.

You see conspiracy everywhere but what is fact is Corbyn is a nutter. Jews voting Labour was like Turkeys voting for Xmas.  

D Brown got it right. Not for the same reasons as me overall but it is not the proper worldwide honest BBC it was. It should be downsized or privatised. I do not watch that much TV but the BBC is only about five per cent of the total or about 90 minutes a day if that. I agree with Jayne Morris as well. I am not against royals, at least most of them. I am against any TV channel putting it on more than one, especially a so-called public funded service.

Martin Fletcher, Thorpe Hesley