LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Time for big shake-up of BBC programmes

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Time for big shake-up of BBC programmes

By Admin | 20/06/2022

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Time for big shake-up of BBC programmes

I BELIEVE I am not the only one to complain about current TV, especially the repeats.

Not just the BBC but they are the worst. Most are repeats and if you are older than 50 they will be repeats of repeats.

The weekends are garbage unless you want to pay about £50 a month upwards for sports or cinema if you are that way inclined. Most of the films are old and bad anyway as far as I am concerned.

We should not be paying for a rubbish service, politically compromised and catering for minor sports because they cannot afford the others due to paying the staff too much, junkets for well known names and too many stations with nothing on them. Far too many radio stations for each region as well.

Slim it down and charge £50 per annum up to 60 years of age and then free. They are too profligate with our money on what they think we want. Too many reality shows, some of dubious morality. EastEnders and Coronation Street are out of date and have to rely now on murders, drugs and other so-called PC plots — and a lot of those are not even done in good taste.

Changes have come but the BBC does not show them.

I paid in for 44 years before I got my pensions and people who have paid a lot less also get pension credits so do not pay for a licence at all if over 75.

It’s about time a government, any government, got rid of the BBC.

I see they are ready to oust Boris. OK, but who will be in his place? A bunch of chancers and nonentities, and Labour have a pathetic front bench of Jew-baiters and haters and are so far left wing that we will end up with Putin as our leader. They do not realise he is one of the biggest oligarchs there are.    Martin Fletcher, Thorpe Hesley

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