LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Natural immunity gone

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Natural immunity gone

By Admin | 07/01/2022

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Natural immunity gone

I FELT that I should respond to “Name and Address Supplied” who tells us that masks, social distancing, vaccines and lockdowns are all we have. Is he serious? What about natural immunity which the injections are curtailing? The flu epidemic in 1918 didn’t end because there were no more people to infect for pity’s sake, it was because, as with all viruses, it blew itself out!

Insurance companies are unhappy about the huge numbers of people previously in good health that are dropping dead with the likes of Myocarditis and still the sheeple queue for the poisons and are even having their five year old children injected even though Pfizer have admitted that a five year trial is needed before children are subjected to these injections!

Biden has ordered a new factory for Covid work which won’t be built for three years, so get used to the scamdemic! British made lateral flow tests, approved in Europe, are banned in the UK in favour of, yes, ones made in China; another for the files of “You couldn’t make it up!”

These tests seem to pick up colds and real flu but all positive tests are logged as Covid! Omicron is still naturally vaccinating people but the poisons on offer are killing that naturalness.

Boris looks like he is going to try the Swedish approach to the scamdemic and let it run its course. Now that will make him unpopular with his masters so expect Italian and Austrian style apartheid in which anyone with the sense to not be poisoned and to invoke the Nuremberg code is not allowed on public transport, to sit down in restaurants and even not allowed to work; but we won’t be forced into having the dozen or so injections that will be the norm in years to come, no, we’ll just be treated the way that Hitler treated the Jews and South Africa the blacks.

We’re constantly told how stretched the scamdemic is making the NHS but any staff testing positive are not allowed to work. That figure is currently over 425,000 people off work!

This rabid testing is a joke. The test picks up anything including most likely in-grown toe nails!

Meanwhile, the New Year’s Honours list is devalued once again. Two Tory donors, Chris Whitty and a man more despised than Jimmy Savile; yes, the war criminal with the blood of thousands on his hands, Blair. At the time of writing the petition to stop his knighthood has reached over 400,000 and is growing by the minute.

The road chaos in Rotherham continues with motorists blatantly ignoring the speed limit signs even more than before. I’m still being a thorn in the sides of both SYP and RMBC and neither denies that speed cameras are about revenue and not safety.

Were speed cameras anything to do with road safety then there would be speed cameras outside every school in Rotherham.

It was Gordon Brown that stopped the revenue going to local councils and police when he realised how much the piggy banks raised and gave him even more money to pour down the drain!

Hands up anyone that has seen any work being done in the past two months on the Greasbrough debacle. Anyone? No, thought not.

The money wasted on this and the Masbrough roundabout would have paid for cameras outside every school in Rotherham but that would be serving the local tax payers and RMBC wouldn’t want to be seen as actually earning their wages and huge expenses would they?

Will it be a Happy New year?

Not until the sheeple wake up!

Clive Phillips, Address Supplied



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