LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Labour and CSE are a stain on our town

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Labour and CSE are a stain on our town

By Admin | 23/03/2021

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Labour and CSE are a stain on our town


AS much as I hate to admit it, the current Rother Valley MP was spot on with his comments over the ongoing CSE abuse that the perpetrators and also the enablers must all be brought to justice.

He has said more than Barron did for all the years he was MP on the issue. But then the community says he also sold them, the miners and NUM out as he “filled his boots”.

It is shameful that councillors throughout the period from the 90s and after the Jay and Casey reports are still there. Are they devoid of any social conscience, scruples and integrity? The answer is yes.

Their fellow councillors have allowed them to continue and be part of the group. Staining them all.

Some of the former councillors on the Rotherham Council cabinet involved that had to resign — as they were told they were not fit for purpose — have also returned to the cabinet. A disgrace.

The victims continue to get no justice. Scarred for life. All they get is rhetoric and soundbites.

As the public have rightly said.

The council have squandered millions on legal fees and worthless sham reports to attempt in cover-up and whitewash yet again.

Is it a question of who pays the piper, calls the tune?

Thank goodness for Alexis Jay, Andrew Norfolk and Louise Casey shining the light on things to expose the wrongdoing and vile treatment of young people in Rotherham.

Senior officers and councillors colluded and covered things up. Many showed utter contempt for investigations by refusing to co-operate or be interviewed.

No one internally has the integrity or guts to stand up and be counted to lift the lid on this disgraceful chapter that contaminates our council’s reputation. It carries on regardless!

Senior officers and councillors failed duty of care, scrutiny, oversight and safeguarding towards the public; and the standards of public office. They have failed for years to ask the probing questions to uncover this scandal.

Why should the public pay for their gross negligence and the costs that will impact further on the cuts to local services and jobs on top of the savage cuts by the Tory government?

To focus their minds, perhaps the councillors past and present from the period in question should be forced to pay for all the inquiries and investigations from their own pockets rather than council tax payers and service users?

In the meantime to get justice from the authorities, have the victims got to resort to criminal proceedings and the South Yorkshire default position of an Hillsborough-style inquiry?

They could have whitewashed the entire town with the amount that’s been shown with this latest sordid chapter.

The council elected in 2016 have refused to answer questions properly for almost five years.

At least one of the infamous councillors wants to have his turn in the big car with all the finery and perks as the worshipful mayor. Shameful.

One person’s persistence over all of that time now means that an application that RMBC is in Contempt of Court has been approved and a hearing before a judge is due to take place before the end of April.

Our town cannot move on until the victims get full disclosure, full accountability and Justice.

In finality, the people responsible are a stain on the Labour Party, our town, our council and common decency.

Let’s hope that the powers finally stop the councillors involved from their grubby intention to restand. Do not hold your breath.

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