LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Globalist Charles will be a step back

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Globalist Charles will be a step back

By Admin | 13/06/2022

LETTER TO THE EDITOR:  Globalist Charles will be a step back

WELL the Jubilee weekend is over and I hope all your staff and readers had a great time. I wonder how many of the left protesting about there being any celebrations will have shown some integrity and refused to have the four days off; any?

Those wishing to get rid of the Monarchy should consider this, if we had no Monarchy we’d have President Boris, or, heaven forbid, President Hindsight or worse still President Blair. When he got rid of the Yacht Britannia and refused to fund a new one Blair tried to order a private jet so he could have one just like the US President.

I am a fan of The Queen but I dread Prince Charles ascending to the throne. He’s a globalist promoting the climate change scam and obliterating our proud history, becoming more “woke” each day. I would have liked to have seen the Princess Royal as next in line; Charles’s reign will not be good for Britain.

Stories such as that on this week’s front page no longer shock me; they make me angry but I’m way past being surprised by such events in what’s left of Rotherham. The vermin responsible will have waited for the school to be refurbished and chosen their moment. All proceeds will by now have been shoved up nostrils or injected into arms.

The police have promised that the first time they go past a speed camera all goods will be returned and the criminals could be sentenced to go without their tea and perhaps even be sent to bed early. I wonder how much of the money used on the refurb was on security? It would seem not enough.

I see Mr Fletcher is competing with Comrade Foulstone for nonsense letter of the week. We don’t need any charging points for the wind up kiddy cars, we just don’t need any of these joke vehicles! The batteries last three years and cost more than a new car. In Europe huge numbers are being dumped.

There is a strong possibility that these silly vehicles will now have to pay road tax and quite rightly so. They use the roads, so why not? Cyclists should pay road tax and insurance too.

If people are wondering why there have been lots of windy conditions lately, it seems that the criminals at WHO have ‘planes spraying various chemicals into the atmosphere to try to blot out the sun to cause crop failure as part of the engineered foot shortages. When hot air meets cold and vice versa, we get winds. Strangely enough it seems that “scientists” have discovered a new chemical in the air that causes heart attacks (anything but the poisons masquerading as vaccines) and can cause, wait for it, climate change! Sadly, the sheeple will fall for it. I wonder what it will take to make them more interested in how the globalists are taking away all freedoms than what’s happening on the TV soaps.

Bradford has been awarded City of Culture for 2025! When I read that it’s a good job I wasn’t drinking or I’d have choked on my laughter! Who makes these awards?

We’ve had Liverpool, Glasgow and Hull. Is it someone’s idea of extracting the urine? I reckon, on this basis that Rotherham is a certainty to be “Town of Culture” any time soon!

Clive Phillips,