LETTER: Time to show your true colours

LETTER: Time to show your true colours

By Admin | 22/10/2018

LETTER: Time to show your true colours

I WISH the likes of Ged Dempsey would stop hiding behind the banner of Labour. Anyone with an ounce of savvy knows that these few are pretending to be Labour members, knowing if they revealed their true party beliefs they would be less  popular than the Liberals.

Those Marxists now that have taken over the old Labour are a danger to the safety of this country and Corbyn has been outed by the ex-MI6 boss sir Richard Dearlove as a security risk due to his involvement with terrorist groups like the soon to be banned group Hezbollah and the IRA. His deputy John McDonnell is even worse if that’s possible.

These Communist sympathisers are a stain on the country they were born in and anyone that follows these two haters of the British way of life should hang their heads in shame but also have the courage of their own convictions and stop hiding behind another party.

I challenge the likes of Mr Dempsey and Mr Platt, not “Mailers” but most likely subscribers to the communist Morning Star, to come out of the closet and let the Tizer’s readers know your true affiliation, if you have the courage.

Please stop asking the good people of Rotherham to vote Labour knowing full well that the Labour of our parents’ era is dead and gone and is heavily weigthed in favour of a group of Marxist/Communists hell-bent on ruining this country.

This country does not want or need for the first time in its history a Marxist-led government. They must be stopped at all costs.

The people should be fully aware of what a vote for Labour in its present form stands for, unemployment and debt for millions, and our wealth, freedom of speech and security would be gone for years, so think very very hard before putting your trust in a Corbyn-led government.

The majority of true old Labourites that are still in government who did not vote for Corbyn (like Kevin Barron MP) who are still receiving their salary and have no backbone should be ashamed as they should have got rid of Corbyn and his Marxist rabble long ago.

Shame on you Mr Barron, I wash my hands on those other two Corbyn followers Champion and Healey, both wanting a Marxist government for some brainless reason.

Ray Darby, Derbyshire