LETTER: Time for more culture and world views

By Admin | 07/11/2019

LETTER: Time for more culture and world views

IMMIGRATION causes many arguments in pubs, clubs, shops and on the bus...seemingly No 10 Downing Street doesn’t know what immigration is all about.

The Prime Minister made a comment on November 6 about how he wants a “points based immigration system”, but does he not realise that this will lead to more immigration? If we can get more culture and world views in to Rotherham I am all for it.

Many of his government ministers have made comments about this sort of system. They all run on a high intake of foreign workers.

Who says it does? The Honourable Julia Gillard AC, she knows all about the system as she ran one for years.

I’d like to think the UK is ready for high immigration, and my own personal view is that it should happen, however, many of the British nationalists won’t be on board which will mean more people in our area not believing they were listened to despite voting for Brexit.

Marcus Wheatcroft, Herringthorpe Valley Road, Rotherham