LETTER: Three Amigos excuse the inexcusable

LETTER: Three Amigos excuse the inexcusable

By READER | 23/10/2017

LETTER: Three Amigos excuse the inexcusable

IT was good to see the return of Mr Platts in the Advertiser. We now have the “Three amigos”, Messrs Platts, Duff and Billups, to provide us with even more mirth than Steve Martin and Co.

I’m delighted that Mr Platts has a yacht. I don’t mind if he earns a million pounds a day and lives in a 40-roomed mansion; but then I’m not a feckless Labour voter who preaches envy politics. His comments were typical Labour voter in that anyone who has the audacity to disagree is “hard left” or “far left” and without intelligence. As to Comrade Jezza, how does Mr. Platts justify his anti-Jewish stance and his support for the comments of Naz Shah MP? We wait with bated breath.

Surely he and his partners in political hilarity should void their rheum in the beard of the council. After all, surely they can’t justify the ridiculous bridge planned from the station into the Jeremy Kyle Holding Pen, the huge amounts of OUR money being wasted on a forest of scaffolding across Wingfield, Rockingham and Munsbrough, the extension to the mosque that the local residents don’t want...oh my the list could go on. 

So come on Mr Platts, keep it local and not a platform to try to excuse the inexcusable.

Clive Phillips, address withheld