LETTER: Those involved should pay for whitewash inquiries

By READER | 27/09/2017

LETTER: Those involved should pay for whitewash inquiries

THE latest Rotherham CSE whitewash reports protect the people who failed the victims by referring to them by a letter......it reads like an A to Z.

The whitewash is a disgusting but probably predictable outcome.

The victims have been let down yet again by the whitewash.

The victims continue to get no justice.

Together with the police, the council failed to inform the public of the risks and safeguard children for years.

Remarkably, it’s claimed no one informed the MPs of the situation — who were both serving ministers and privy councillors — or of their concerns at meetings, either officially or informally, including the police, fellow councillors, officers, professionals?

Surely, it should have been the number one issue to report?

What else are they not being told at their many briefings?

Why are they slow to demand a full independent inquiry with judicial rights like Hillsborough?

Again, it’s been left to the victims to campaign.

We note the deafening silence again from the proposal that councillors and others involved past and present from the period in question should be forced to pay for all the inquiries and investigations — not to mention costly commissioners — from their own pockets and pensions rather than council tax payers and service users.

The soundbites and warm words do not wash with the victims or public.

They demand action.

Our town cannot move on until all the victims get full disclosure on who knew what, full accountability and real justice.

Ged Dempsey, member of Wentworth & Dearne CLP  pc