LETTER: Thanks to taxi driver who helped those in need

By READER | 04/07/2017

LETTER: Thanks to taxi driver who helped those in need

I AM a Methodist Minister in Rotherham and Deanne Valley and one of the churches I look after is Talbot Lane Methodist Church.

At Talbot Lane we meet some of the most needy people in Rotherham and try to help as much as we can.  On Thursday June 29 I needed to get a person in need some money so he could get the bus to work — he was between factories and was relying on food banks and I needed to get £4 to him.

Unfortunately I had no transport so opted to get a text so our friend could get to work.  I rang 555555 — Rotherham taxis —and the driver on hearing the story refused to accept a penny, saying he had just finished fasting and we are all trying our best to help those in need, by whatever means we choose.

I would like to thank that taxi driver from this company — it is not the first time I have had a txt driver offering me a free fare, despite my insistence.

The last time was when I visited the mosque to break the Ramadam fast earlier in June at Ridge Road. The taxi driver was thrilled for a Christian to be there celebrating together.

If we want to move forward together as those of faith and non faith we need to learn to accept each other’s hospitalities, gifts and graces — learn from one another and seek a better place for us all to live in.

My thanks to my unnamed Muslim friends who gave their time and their petrol for what was my Christian work.

Joanne Archer-Siddall