LETTER: Thank you for help

LETTER: Thank you for help

By READER | 27/09/2017

LETTER: Thank you for help

I KNOW good deeds are not that newsworthy, you always hear about the bad things that happen in our area in and around Rotherham.

But I hope this one is.

Last Tuesday I had a nasty fall in the Parkgate Retail World car park.

Two lovely couples came to my help. One of the couples fetched plasters from the car and administered first aid and help then the second couple pulled up and asked if there was anything they could do and very kindly took me home to Swinton even though it took them well away from where they lived and wouldn't take anything at all for the trouble.

As it happens, I didn’t sustain many injuries; cuts and bruises and grazed my knees, but I was shaken along with my pride.

I did thank both couples and was so grateful for their help, but sadly I didn't get their names.

One couple had a miniature Yorkshire Terrier and son called Alfie, but they know who they are.

With your help I would like to say there are still a lot of great people in our area and I met four last Tuesday.

Rita Milner, Swinton