Letter: Speed cameras about revenue, not safety

By READER: Clive Phillips | 14/10/2016 0 comments

Letter: Speed cameras about revenue, not safety

YOU may remember my writing to you re the ridiculously high speeds at which drivers travel past the schools along Roughwood Road.

I received a reply from Rotherham Road Safety and along with all the hand wringing about “Cuts” it seems there must be three deaths or serious accidents on a road for measures to be taken. So, I need three volunteers...

For some reason The Police Piggy Bank Camera van is frequently stationed near to the Co-op supermarket on Fenton Road but to the best of my knowledge there has only been one fatality on the road in over 12 years!

Then again, speed cameras have never been about safety but about revenue collection and Fenton Road is much busier than Roughwood Road; raking in the cash is obviously far more important than the safety of small children.

Clive Phillips


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