LETTER: Searching for Joan Clark

LETTER: Searching for Joan Clark

By Admin | 22/11/2018

LETTER: Searching for Joan Clark

I AM hoping you could help me find a dear friend from way back.

I am trying to find a lady by the name of Joan Clark (maiden name), who lived in Sheffield.

She worked for the Advertiser back in the sixties. I believe she was on the reception desk.

My only information is she moved to Retford some time ago. I think she married someone who also worked at the Advertiser .

I have been living in Perth, Western Australia, for over 44 years and I am now 73.

Any information you can supply I would be most grateful.

I suppose getting to my age nostalgia sets in and I would dearly like to correspond with her. Please contact me by email at jaraba1@optusnet.com.au

Many Thanks.
Ken Brandwood, Western Australia