LETTER: Reverend does his best for everyone

LETTER: Reverend does his best for everyone

By Admin | 27/06/2019

LETTER: Reverend does his best for everyone

I AM not qualified to comment on the state education of children, although I have some concerns on the apparently diminishing role of the parents in decisions about their own children.

I find it regrettable, after reading your editorial, that there is such an unbalanced view being presented of Peter Hughes, the man and the Christian priest. He is hardworking and dedicated, looking closely after the affairs of four parishes, and is an outstanding pastoral worker for churchgoers and none churchgoers alike.

In addition he has championed the formation of the Silverwood Mission Partnership of six churches and accepted the additional work of being area dean for the Rotherham Deanery.

In this role he is responsible for the oversight of more than 20 churches, and to my certain knowledge spent a lot of time on their behalf.

I hope everyone will realise that he is a good man doing his best for everyone.

Gerald Parkinson, worship leader, St James, Braithwell