LETTER: Reqium

LETTER: Reqium

By Admin | 06/11/2018

LETTER: Reqium

Here lies a grave
A soldier unknown
His life he had to give
A life that was not his own

Here lies the body
Once strong and well
Has fought many battles
Through pastures of hell

Here lies the skeleton
The skeleton of man
Deeds of valour long forgotten
As only mankind can

Here lies a coffin
Long since decayed by time
Within a body once laid
A man without a shrine

Here lies the darkness
Which only death can bring
And man once strong and well
Now an ugly thing.

Here lies a Christian
Who fought for others greed
He did not know the reasons
He did not plant the seed

Here lies the answer
For us, for you, for me
But do we know the question
Or can we really see!

BGW 19.4.64

BG Whitby, Bentley Road, Bramley