LETTER: Reject green waste charge

By READER | 27/11/2017

LETTER: Reject green waste charge

CAN the Rotherham Advertiser ask RMBC to confirm they have proposals to charge  £40 per year for a year-round green waste collection.

I remember years ago we paid our council tax and the binmen would collect the bin from your property and empty it and bring it back.

Now, and paying more for the service, we take the bins out ourselves to the roadside where it is emptied in the van and we have to bring it back onto our property.

Why no decrease in council tax if we are doing half the work?

Doesn’t RMBC realise we have a fly tipping problem around the Rotherham area?

Surely a further payment for green waste removal is only going to make this problem worse

Solution is to lower our council tax for the people doing the delivery and collection of the bin, say £40 for this a year and then take the money back as our payment for this green waste collection

Contact your councillor to get them to reject any suggestion of this charge for green waste collection

A Johnson