LETTER: Real Tory election money is never audited

By READER | 16/03/2017

LETTER: Real Tory election money is never audited

The majority of voters think the donations to Tory coffers pay for the election; well that’s only travelling expenses. The real money never audited is what’s spent on media advertising daily in the Murdoch news empire, papers and television. Since Maggie Thatcher in 1979 the Murdoch election bill usually takes 12 months to come through the door.

As Rupert said to Leveson every Prime Mister has been sycophantic to me. They have all licked his Australians backside. Maggie, Major, Blair, Cameron and now May. If you asked anyone who is the most powerful person in the UK it would be surprising how many would ignore Rupert Murdoch as the number one but he’s had the pole position for over 40 years.

This bill he has put in is for him to have the largest media empire in Europe, in other words the Sky’s the limit. As well as owning Sky they might as well give him Downing Street to go with it.

There is one snag on the horizon and that’s President Trump. Bring up phone tampering and it brings back memories of phone hacking. Rebekah, Coulson, Leveson, News of the World — it’s all flooding back and could scupper the Sky deal that the Conservatives want. This will pay the debt owed to Rupert Murdoch for his continued backing of the Tory Party.

Richard Billups, Rawmarsh