LETTER: One of the most biased elections in history

By READER | 09/06/2017

LETTER: One of the most biased elections in history

WHATEVER the outcome, this must go down as one of the most politically biased elections in history.

The billionaire press barons have done their job well, and the publicly financed BBC has been the mouthpiece of the Tories in the most overtly hostile reporting ever. But that is hardly surprising seeing as its political editor is a long-standing Tory party activist.

The British electorate have been led up and down the garden path in almost comical proportions. From Lands End to John o’Groats, they have taken on board every slogan, anecdote, and cliché that the establishment has thrown at them. Like automatons they have repeated their masters’ slander. It was like listening to those old fashioned wind-up toys: “Corbyn is a friend of terrorism”; “He is not a leader”; “He can’t win”; “He is a security risk”; etc. etc.

The billionaires could not find a thing to hang on him, so hence all the innuendo and out and out lies. It is a sad reflection on the political level of the British public that so many of these trash accusations have found their way into the public’s discourse. However, the ground has been shifting.

The establishment’s malicious propaganda has not been reaching the youth, due to the new phenomenon, social media. This pre-election miss-information and downright media chicanery has been fully exposed in the eyes of our youth and many older members of the British public. A new and more powerful political party is in the making. The Labour Party has shifted dramatically to the left under the weight of austerity — attacks on the youth and the NHS particularly — and the new younger membership is growing daily.

What is different in Britain, as opposed to the new political parties that have sprung up on the continent, is that it is the old respected sleeping giant that has arisen: echoing that classic Swift tale — “When Gulliver arose; he snapped the ropes like cotton”.

There were subtle warnings from older, wiser, members of the ruling class (Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, and John Major, ex-Tory Prime Minister, to name but two), but the “Little Englanders” that are running the Tory Party paid no heed. Their greed and callousness knew no boundaries, and was matched only by their stupidity. The genie is out of the bottle!

If May wins, it will be a Pyrrhic, short-lived victory and will likely lead to class confrontations on a massive scale.

If Corbyn wins, it will lead inevitably to a battle with the Blairites in the Labour Party. They represent the establishment, and they will try their utmost to abandon Corbyn’s manifesto.

The Labour membership must keep Corbyn as the leader of our party whatever the result, and keep on building with new, young, energetic recruits, enthused with caring, peaceful, socialist ideals.

Dave Platts, Clifton