LETTER: Nowt for the north from the fat cats of the south

By Admin | 22/01/2019

LETTER: Nowt for the north from the fat cats of the south

SINCE 2010 until today all we have seen from this government is cuts. A straight run of cuts year on year have resulted in a run of increases, increased poverty, increased food banks, increased debt, increases in low pay, increase in vermin — while the few have not given a penny to the coffers but have been handed millions to add to their wealth.

The palace of Westminster and its elected and non-elected employees have increased costing more every year to the tax payer, while places like Yorkshire have seen cuts for the same period.

Who is to blame? Let’s see, is it Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Arthur Scargill, Len McCluskey as it cannot be a Tory?

The media would say to a man, the Tory Party they back year on year, are perfect and can do no wrong.

A Conservative can spend £60,000 more to get elected and he or she would be innocent of any offence, naturally. A Conservative can bribe ten DUP MPs with one billion pounds of public money and be praised by our media barons. As long as London comes first, second and third there will be nowt for the north, only cuts, cuts, cuts, while the fat south get increase, increase, increase.

R Billups, East Avenue, Rawmarsh