LETTER: Not safe for congregation

By READER | 16/08/2017

LETTER: Not safe for congregation

I WOULD be grateful if through the letters page of the Rotherham Advertiser you would give me the opportunity to respond to the letter from Mr Peter Wainwright published in the edition dated August 4.

As reported by the Advertiser in February and June, the “balcony” in the crematorium chapel, referred to by Mr Wainwright, was originally designed as an organ loft. It is difficult to understand the load such a structure can support and it is therefore not safe for the congregation to access this area and entry is limited to key personnel only.

Dignity is investing £0.25 million to increase the seating capacity in the chapel and having secured planning permission, work is due to begin within the next eight weeks. The existing “balcony”/organ loft will be removed and replaced with a mezzanine structure to add 54 seats to the current 110. As a result mourners will have the comfortable surroundings they expect when attending a modern crematorium.

As part of the same project all doors and windows are being replaced, a new heating and cooling system installed and plans include improvements to toilets, car parking and the Book of Remembrance room. This is a hugely complex project and has required a thorough investigation of all the options by our surveyors and property experts.

Our music system will also be upgraded with the facility to live stream funerals to relatives around the world via the internet or show family photographs as part of the service.

Samantha Fletcher, manager Rotherham Crematorium