LETTER: No charity from parking attendants

By READER | 26/09/2017

LETTER: No charity from parking attendants

IN 2013 I started working as a volunteer at the Mind Shop situated on the Tanyard shopping centre, Wickersley. I regularly parked my car at the back of the shop to enable me to do my work. In October 2015 Bisichi Properties Ltd, who manage the Tanyard, decided to employ Excel Parking Services to monitor parking.

The Mind Shop was issued with parking permits for staff and volunteers and I was given a permit to keep in my car, this is valid until October 2018. I keep the permit in my car at all times on the dashboard.

Unfortunately on June 29 I hadn’t realised the permit had rolled off the dash into the foot well of my car and I was given a parking ticket for £60. I was really shocked as the two attendants know me and often come into the shop.

The double doors at the back of the shop were open that day as it was very warm and I work in the back of the shop. I cannot believe that these attendants hadn’t the common decency to pop in the shop and warn me my permit was not on the dash, having seen it all the time when I am working.

Instead, the sneaky rats that they are photographed my car at least five times making sure I didn’t see them in their devious act. It is a sad indictment in these modern times that certain individuals will go to extraordinary lengths to punish decent human beings, when they are trying to help people less fortunate than themselves.

The fine is £60 if paid immediately but, here is the crunch, should you challenge this and fail, it rises to £100; this is tantamount to blackmail.  

This dastardly act by these miserable so and sos hasn’t lessened my resolve. I am still doing my bit for charity and am proud of the fact, despite being £100 out of pocket.

Patrick Tune