LETTER: National press and bankers are in it together

By READER | 31/05/2017

LETTER:  National press and bankers are in it together

THE national press headlines on display in newsagents are most about Corbyn and the disasters he’ll cause if you vote for him.

The UK has the most juvenile national press of any country in the world and it slipped into the gutter when Murdoch arrived on these shores, selling papers with 95 per cent inane balderdash at so called prices. The content was vastly over-priced for the utter rubbish inside.

Now the headlines scream of financial disaster, a wrecked economy if Corbyn even gets a few votes.

Have people who have fallen for this bull manure not realised that it is the only time in modern history that bankers are the only people who have caused such conditions?

You won’t find one word in the national press about this as the owners of the media are billionaires and in the same club as bankers.

The union of people with more wealth than they will ever need in 100 lifetimes will tell all and sundry they are for the working class. When did any readers of any paper see any of them in a working men’s club? If you let the editor know it will be front page around the world.

This wish to be known for looking after people worse off than themselves while being the most greedy, selfish money-hoarding uncaring being on earth is to con the gullible.

If you see media moguls or Conservatives on TV you can tell when they are lying. Their mouths move.

Richard Billups, East Avenue, Rawmarsh