LETTER: Military personnel and families deserve full apology

LETTER: Military personnel and families deserve full apology

By READER | 17/11/2017

LETTER: Military personnel and families deserve full apology

I HAVE been reprimanded by a few “thugs, Marxists and Trots” from Rotherham Momentum, for baiting our local Kippers/Mailers. They say I should be more sympathetic to their ageing condition — Cognitive Dissonance (that’s PC for barm pots) — and be more lenient. But I can’t help myself! So here goes for the last time.

Firstly let me say to them, when you write a letter, keep a copy close by, and then when you write another letter, you will be able to refer to it and see exactly what you in fact have written. Using a different word, or a punctuation mark (let alone a sentence), can make a complete change to the intended sentiment of the above. So, if I, and others, wonder what the hell you are talking about, you might have an idea why.

Darby (ex-Rotherham), in last week’s Tiser, and his mates, repeat the full list of Mail-induced garbage that is fooling no-one but the clones that keep scribbling the same in our letters page. The people, he writes, that voted Labour can’t: love “our country, hate the monarchy, our armed forces, are friends of terrorist groups, want to get rid of Trident”, and it gets worse, “Corbyn, McDonnell, and Abbot are all paid by the communist union leader, Len Mcluskey, and all backed by the thuggish Momentum group”. Hold on, he’s not done yet; he’s been studying economics by the sound of it, and the “economist” now challenges how Labour are going to finance our new manifesto promises. Not a bad list to be going on with.

But he goes on: Jessa, he says, values the life of a terrorist more than a member of our armed forces. Now, let me explain to our readers, and the clones, how, and why, that particular insult was started in the press.

It (the above slogan) became the narrative of the establishment, after regular meetings with the press editors and Number Ten, when Osama Bin Laden had been assassinated. Corbyn, a vociferous anti war campaigner, said that it would have been better to have kept him alive.

Now, it has always been known, by the left, that Bin Laden was recruited by the CIA through the Pakistani ISI (Inter Service Intelligence), and financed by Saudi Arabia. This took place in 1979 whilst Jimmy Carter was US President.

Bin Laden, ISI, and the CIA, trained Mujahedeen/Taliban fighters — in Khost Province, on the Afghan/ Pakistan border — to defeat the then USSR, who had moved in to support the new Communist Government in Afghanistan. The money (drug money a lot of it) poured in from the West to support him and the mission. Indeed, Taliban fighters were invited to the Whitehouse by Reagan. He introduced them as “Freedom Fighters”. The Mujahedeen became the Taliban, who became Al-Qaida, who became ISIS, and the whole Middle East has been one big bonfire since, with the loss of millions of lives including British soldiers.

Corbyn wants the lid lifting on the whole big business provoked blood bath; in particular the role of the British government (aided by the press and media), which, under Blair, lied to the British people on a grand scale, and Parliament, about WMD and Iraq, Syria and Libya. To have put Bin Laden on trial would have opened up the whole web of lies and deceit. And just exactly who does support terrorists?

That is how Britain looks after its soldiers, Mister Darby! They deserve better. You are naïve to the full.

I support Corbyn. Our military personnel, and their families, deserve an apology, compensating fully, and Blair put on trial for treason.

Dave Platts, Albany Street, Clifton