LETTER: Lights were delightful

LETTER: Lights were delightful

By Admin | 06/01/2020

LETTER: Lights were delightful

DURING the festive season displays of coloured lights filled our night skies up and down the country. Every town, village, shopping centre and street put on their own shows and brightened our lives with illuminated reindeers, Christmas trees, Santa on his sleigh and trails of flashing coloured lights around the houses.

Big cities like London decorated busy streets like Oxford Street, Regent Street and Piccadilly, putting on massive displays of lights of every shape and size, and every colour, and they are a wonderful sight.

It really is a special time of year when all our troubles can for a short while take second place as we enjoy this once a year spectacle.

But despite this lavishness and grandeur there was something quite beautiful on our doorstep.

As you leave the M18 and drive to Maltby, just as you come over the rise opposite the Don Jon public house, the avenue of lights and coloured displays through the town were just as wonderful as anywhere. The design and spacing was carefully measured and was a delightful sight, proving that it doesn’t have to be big to be beautiful.

Mr DA Titmuss, Tickhill