LETTER: Keep feeding swans with right foods

LETTER: Keep feeding swans with right foods

By Admin | 04/12/2018

LETTER: Keep feeding swans with right foods

TODAY I was quite alarmed when the two swans whom I call Peter and Polly literally came out of the water, climbed over the overgrown grass verge, stretching their necks out to take out of my hand the food I had just purchased for them.

They were very hungry. The ducks were trying to steal food from the swans causing quite vicious attacks on the ducks.

I’ve lived here three years now and I have never experienced this and I feed them a few times a week.

The weather may have become cold and so the strolls on the canal are considerably scarce. So I thought it might be a good idea just to remind people to please continue to feed them as this is what they are accustomed to and why they don’t fly away.

But of course it’s also important to feed them the right foods too.

I was wondering if maybe we could touch the retailers whom have food which we all know gets thrown away daily.

It’s just a thought.

Darleen Driver