LETTER: Is this another nail in our coffin?

LETTER: Is this another nail in our coffin?

By Admin | 24/01/2020

LETTER: Is this another nail in our coffin?

MORE good news for Rotherham — we are the fifth worst town in the UK. The good news is, obviously, that there appear to be four places that are worse than Rotherham.

Can that really be the case? What are these places doing wrong that we are doing right?

Surely tourism to the top few will increase as people flock from reasonable places around the country to see just how bad the north is — noticeably, not a single place in the south appears in the top ten. Can we really call it a top ten?  

Then, just when Rotherham thought it had hit a new low with this news, comes the ‘independent’ police report into CSE. Another nail in our coffin.

It turns out that though some members of the force did not exactly cover themselves in glory, not a single officer of South Yorkshire Police can be identified as being one of those.

This must surely be filed alongside those missing council laptops as truly ‘unfortunate’.

Missing laptops, missing council officers, missing police and no notes. Oh well.

D Cowley, Rotherham