LETTER: Important anti-imperialist step forward

By Admin | 04/04/2017

LETTER: Important anti-imperialist step forward

I WAS delighted to read that RMBC and its partners are working hard to stamp racism out in our society.

I’ve been a constant voice in this debate in South Yorkshire and I’ve been proud to reject all forms of hatred no matter where it originates. This has often led to sharp criticism but the truth will always be the light at the end of each tunnel, no matter how dark.

Therefore, I was excited to read in the Washington Post newspaper that the sole anti-imperialist voice in this country, the Crimes of Britain platform, has been talked about in that publication with a circa of 474,767 each day. It’s hugely important that anti-imperialism and the fight against racism sit alongside each other.

The article is an important step forward for the anti-imperialist movement in the UK and I commend it to the people of Rotherham and the wider South Yorkshire region.

As a result I would implore people have a look at it to find out why racism is the cancer that burns our society from the inside out and how desperately important it is that you, I, we, work together and end the injustice it can grow in to, namely war and occupation.

Paddy J Cawkwell, West Street, Conisbrough