LETTER: I would love a return to fairness, thank you

LETTER: I would love a return to fairness, thank you

By READER | 16/10/2018

LETTER: I would love a return to fairness, thank you

REGARDING Mr Darby’s letter. He opens with a “few undemocratic Remainers trying  to overturn the result of the EU referendum etc”. He then poses a question asking if the voters of this country would want a Marxist/communist government led by Jeremy Corbyn.

In response I say that the answer to that particular question would be a resounding and emphatic ‘no’.

However, they may well want a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn, and that possible outcome would be decided by holding a General Election open to all those entitled to vote, having given full consideration to the facts, issues, opinions and manifestos put before them from all parties. Such a shame that such accurate and factual information wasn’t put before the voters in the EU referendum instead of the false statements and blatant lies bandied about by irresponsible and feckless  individuals such as Johnson, Gove and Farage.

In response to his further views on Labour voters in general I would offer the following, please credit people going to the ballot box with some common sense, intelligence and a degree of insight into what they’re voting for.

Would I like a further people’s vote before we leave? Yes I would. Would I like a return a return to the old Labour values that brought to us the NHS, a fairly funded welfare state that didn’t denigrate the poor and the vulnerable as being scroungers? Yes I would. Would I like a publicly owned transport system and the utilities companies answerable to the people and the state and not to shareholders? Yes I would. Decent and affordable housing run by our councils and housing associations? Yes I would. I too could go on ad infinitum and fill up the pages of the ‘Tizer’.

As a Labour voter wanting change and an end to austerity I could very happily live with the consequences of voting Labour, thank you very much.

Furthermore , in future Mr Darby, check your facts before you put pen to paper and seriously consider the accuracy of your bold statements. I very much doubt that Mr Corbyn is the kind of person having to spend his Christmas holidays in Mexico to visit the grave of Karl Marx. He would only have to make a short trip from his home in London (it’s in England) to Highgate Cemetery in London to visit the grave and statue of Karl Marx and be back home in time for his Christmas dinner should he choose to do so.

Guy Cunningham, Rotherham