LETTER: Heating or eating is wrong

By READER | 28/02/2017

LETTER: Heating or eating is wrong

THE boardrooms of energy companies are holding their most important meetings.

As 2016 was the hottest on record and less fuel was burnt in dwellings, it’s time to increase prices. They have the knowledge that there is no opposition to rises no matter how outrageous. The only thing on the agenda is how to keep profits high to satisfy shareholders, the only ones that matter in the energy business.

I know by the records I keep that what I forked out for our abode was the lowest year on my records. One company has already put near as damn it double percent rises on its gas and electric and another has announced its freezing prices until August.

The price of energy at market level has not gone up so where do companies get this Gypsy fortune–telling idea that its going up in August? If it does not will Ofgen stand up for us the consumer and use the teeth they are supposed to have? I’ve had this funny feeling that the UK is the country that lays the golden egg for energy companies since the utilities were privatised. I know they have a big voice in Westminster and have the ear of plenty Members of Parliament who are on the side of privatisation firms.

Maggie Thatcher left a poor legacy for us when she privatised our utilities as they were snapped up by what can only be described as Robber Barons. When it’s heating or eating it’s wrong.

Richard Billlups, East Avenue, Rawmarsh