LETTER: God help us after Brexit

By READER | 22/03/2017

LETTER: God help us after Brexit

THE big day has been announced — March 29 2017. Do not bother putting this in your diary, it will not be that eventful, the date you should be putting in your journal is May 2018, a Thursday most likely —his will be a day in infamy for this country.

If that is too far ahead for you at the moment let me provide you with some food for thought, a bit of insight if you like, as to why this date will be the most important in English history.

Since we voted to leave the EU there have been some very interesting statistics coming from sources close to the government, these sources are the ones they use to calculate how the economy is doing in terms of growth, output, etc, a measure of the country’s standing as opposed to the forecast made in any budget that they produced, (this shows how in touch they are with the country) and the aspirations of the electorate at any given time, a snapshot, nothing else.

Here Is have the News so far, the Budget, ink barely dry on the paper, has been torpedoed by the so-called self employed (the hard working people of this country).

These are the people who do all the moaning about who is to blame for the country’s woes, and who pay little or nothing into the system as far as taxation is concerned, they do work, oh yes, but they make sure they keep under any radar of taxation.

Now if you were wondering why this country is not feeling so good about the “Boom” in the economy and its benefits, you now have your answer.

Moving on a little, the pound has fallen 18 per cent since we voted to come out of the EU so going abroad isn’t going to cheer you up much this summer either.

It is set to fall even further as we get nearer the cliff edge, more good news, because the chancellor has U-turned on his plans. He will now have to borrow an extra £7.5 billion to plug the hole left by the none collection of tax from the “selfish employed”.

Next the Germans have enjoyed good relations with Britain since we joined 40 years ago. Their exports to us have fallen nine per cent since the fatal day last June, and guess what — they don’t like it up ‘em Mr Mannering. Their industry and commerce spokesman, Herr Eric Schweitzer, has said the EU should push for a hard Brexit for Britain, and so do most of the rest of the EU states.

House prices have gone up, (hooray) some more good news, well not quite as interest rates will have to rise now. So if you are planning on selling up and leaving this sorry mess, you will be lucky to find a buyer who can afford the mortgage required.

Not looking too good is it? There are some people doing all right though. Financiers are now selling off British companies to foreign takeovers “like a garage sale” according to former City Minister Lord Myners. Who cares? Well I care and no doubt there are many who voted for Brexit or Remain who care.

Now that date I was telling you about, will come about, as a result of a civil unrest, unmatched in any level ever seen in political history, when we have sold the last items in the “Car Boot Britain Sale”.

We shall have to either come to our senses and get rid of this madhouse politicking that we forever put up with, or get rid of them now before Europe knocks the living daylights out of us in order to bring us to our senses.

If everything goes to plan, under the current leadership we will become “Lower Scotland” as far as the EU is concerned. If we do not get shut now, before it’s too late, we will be under the yolk of the Scottish Government as our representatives in Europe. Kinnel, think that one through, do not think for one minute that the rest of Europe have not got our “interests at heart”. They have, but not as we know it, Mr Spock.

They are laughing their sides sore at the “Fall Of The British Empire”. I despair for the young people of our country, queuing for the handouts from the bulging tables of the Eurozone, Third Way, for the Third World — God help us.

Barry Morton, Wagon Road, Rotherham