LETTER: free schools debate. What do you think?

LETTER: free schools debate. What do you think?

By Miss Charlotte Blencowe | 30/11/2010

LETTER: free schools debate. What do you think?

Sir, Unfortunately, the Rotherham Labour Group has attacked our plan for a new school (letter, the Advertiser, 26th November 2010).

Our group Rotherham Central Free School is made up of committed individuals including a lead educational consultant with many headships to his name, a project manager who has overseen 50 academy transitions, and I am on the “Future Leader” programme for heads.

The group’s mission and values are centered on supporting the most vulnerable young people in Rotherham, and ensuring that disadvantaged children gain the same opportunities as their rural counterparts.

Further, our proposal could mean more money for local schools. I’m sure that both our group and the Rotherham Labour Group share the same goal of improving young people’s life chances in Rotherham through high quality education.

It is a shame that, rather than support local teachers who are trying to help our community by starting a new school we urgently need, they are instead seeking to undermine support for us.

Party politics should not impede our community getting a new school. If you want to know the truth about our plan and why we think it will help our community, then please get in touch with me.

We will soon be sending our Proposal to the Department for Education and the more support we have the more chance there is that we can get another good school in Rotherham.

Yours, Charlotte Blencowe.

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