LETTER: Don’t vote for minor parties

By Admin | 04/04/2017

LETTER: Don’t vote for minor parties

AT present we have more people sleeping rough than ever before in modern times.

Over a million on zero hour contracts. people suffering under Tory austerity measures. The so-called bedroom tax. Under-funding of the NHS and imposition of controls on doctors.

If you want these things to change then don’t waste your votes on minor parties who will never gain power.

No matter what you think of, of support the Green Party or UKIP, they can never rid you of the Tories.

Don’t forget, the Lib-Dems kept the Tories in power for five years. The general election is a way off yet but think carefully, do you want more years under the Tories? If so, vote for them, or for a minority party to keep them in power.

Mr GJ Hancock, Maltby