LETTER: Don’t vote for lying Boris

LETTER: Don’t vote for lying Boris

By Admin | 02/12/2019

LETTER: Don’t vote for lying Boris

WHILST watching the TV news on Monday evening, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the people of South Yorkshire would be featured. When it turned out to be the people of Maltby, I thought we would be hearing lots of down to earth plain speaking. I was amazed when one lady said she would be backing Boris, even though he tells so many lies, she hoped he could be believed, this time.  

The PM stood outside No 10 and announced the forthcoming election, saying it was the last thing he wanted. This, after Parliament had just been refusing his requests for permission to hold an election almost daily (at least three times).

The Tory party, seems to be in the control of a dishonest clique. None of them seem worthy of trust. They have been found out on a number of occasions of dishonest and devious acts in the last few days. I hope the lady from Maltby will remember that Boris was even found guilty of lying to HM the Queen. He built his career on lies and half-truths and lost at least two jobs for lying.

I would also remind Labour voters; they are not voting for Corbyn. They are voting for The NHS and for ordinary working people, the homeless and the people, with jobs, but who now have to rely on foodbanks. The Labour Party may, as do the other parties, have problems with the way complaints are dealt with. I would say it is not always the fault of the leader, who has to rely on others to manage such things. Anyone hoping a vote for the Tory party will bring on Brexit should listen to the experts. It will probably take years to compete, and deals with other countries could take much longer.

I say to everyone using their vote — think of your country.

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