LETTER: Does the tram not use rails?

By Admin | 22/11/2018

LETTER: Does the tram not use rails?

I THOUGHT ‘wow the Supertram has finally reached Rotherham, and what a difference it should make to my journey to work every day’. I decided to catch my tram at Rotherham Central as I start work early and have some mobility problems, I knew there were a few park and ride spaces at the station.

When I returned to my car this afternoon I found a ‘Warning’ leaflet stuck to windscreen informing me these spaces are only for the use of rail users.  I went to speak to the person in office stating I am using the rail and I have a weekly tram ticket.  “Well,” he said. “The tram is a new service and car spaces are for rail users only, always have been, not for tram.” I tried to say that the tram does mean I am using the rail, it does leave the station on the same tracks as the train, after all.

Is this service not called ‘Train/Tram to Cathedral’ or does it actually use the railway track to leave and enter Rotherham Central?  n which case am I not a rail user? Why can they discriminate against tram users who travel out of the station on the same rail track as the train user?

A very upset commuter, Rawmarsh