Letter: Do you know where Brinsworth is?

Letter: Do you know where Brinsworth is?

By READER | 07/02/2017

Letter: Do you know where Brinsworth is?
Cllr Shabana Ahmed

SO Shabana Ahmed has yet again purported to be a resident of Brinsworth in her failed attempt to be elected for the Rotherham Borough Council seat in the Brinsworth/Catcliffe ward. Has she no morals? She has no ties with this community at all.

I am pleased she has failed and feel the hard work and dedication shown by the newly elected Adam Carter shows what real campaigning is.

Mr Carter personally called to my home and canvassed many more on my street and highlighted what his aims were. His manifesto was clear and concise.

Congratulations to him and his team and trust he his successful in his role and delivers on his aims and promises.

Having viewed what was on offer from intended candidates this was the very first time I have voted Liberal as Labour were none existent in the run up to this election. Where were you Shabana Ahmed?  What was your manifesto? Oh I forgot, you don’t know where Brinsworth is!

Steve Matthews, resident for 29 years in Brinsworth