LETTER: Corbyn condemns all violence

By READER | 12/09/2017

LETTER: Corbyn condemns all violence

I SEE people are calling for Jeremy Corbyn to condemn Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro for his treatment of his people. Also joining in is President Donald (Duck) Trump who wants condemnation of violence in Venezuela.

Trump has his own violence in America with the far right and left battling in the streets. The KKK had to be there and so would Trump, but his Klan robes were being ironed.

It’s as though the wheel has turned full circle as I remember General Pinochet doing exactly the same to his people. This far right leader took students off the streets and they were never seen again.

Parents marched, wailing for their children who were never seen again.

Did our Government at the time condemn Pinochet or did they praise him?

Maggie Thatcher was Prime Minister at the time of these atrocities and she adored the general, medals and all. Then General Pinochet and his wife came to the UK on a visit and he was put under house arrest in a very posh area of Surrey.

Maggie went ballistic. With her hero held for genocide she was bereft and at her wits’ end.

The usual happened. He was sent home to murder who he wanted while the far right looked the other way.

Corbyn condemns violence. Fact.

Richard Billups, East Avenue, Rawmarsh