LETTER: Climbing mountains for Swinton Lock

LETTER: Climbing mountains for Swinton Lock

By Admin | 09/04/2019

LETTER: Climbing mountains for Swinton Lock

I KNOW from those who I have met that the staff at Swinton Lock Activity Centre have saved and changed lives.

I work closely with some of those deeply affected by Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) in Rotherham, including two adult survivors who have been helped enormously by Swinton Lock Activity Centre. These two adults have been through trials leading to convictions and, at my invitation, they have been to community groups on a number of occasions to talk about their experiences.

Less than two weeks ago I decided to raise funds for Swinton Lock by setting myself the target of climbing Esk Pike, one of the highest mountains in England. This is a mountain I have wanted to climb for some time.

As soon as I launched my fundraiser, using the Swinton Lock online fundraising webpage, one of the adult survivors of CSE, who I work closely with, said she wanted to join in the challenge. She said: “We have to keep climbing those mountains, so let’s climb some mountains for Swinton Lock”

Not long after this, a second adult survivor of CSE also said she wuold like to join in (despite chronic back pain, caused by her abuse as a young girl). Others who work at or who support Swinton Lock asked to join in also.

I was so encouraged by these responses and by the number of generous donations made in the first few days, that I climbed Esk Pike (and the nearby Bowfell) on Friday March 29. And then I climbed the beautiful Pen-y-ghent, one of the famous “Three Peaks” in Yorkshire.

The initial response has been that already more than £2,500 has been raised for Swinton Lock in the first 12 days. There are so many wonderful generous people in Yorkshire and beyond.

We now have plans to climb at least ten mountains for Swinton Lock over perhaps the next six months, including some easier “climbs” for those who want to join in but whose health will not enable them to climb the higher peaks.

Anyone interested in finding out more should check the online fundraiser www.swintonlock.charitycheckout.co.uk/pf/Climb

Liam Harron, Stoneleigh Close, Dinnington