LETTER: Children and adults celebrate cult of devil worshipping at Halloween

By READER | 26/10/2017 2 comments

LETTER: Children and adults celebrate cult of devil worshipping at Halloween

HALLOWEEN approaches again, children and adults alike will be garishly dressed to celebrate the cult of devil worshipping as just good fun.

Devil worshipping seems to be a part of popular culture, whether in the media forms of film, books, theatre, music or community gatherings.

We even have shops to advise on how to cast spells. Do we really want to be a part of this negative culture in Rotherham, our broken but healing town that has suffered abuse and neglect?

Anyone questioning the powerful influence witchery has on our young need to look up Illuminati. The links to music, theatre and film infiltrate our world and create spiritual warfare between good and evil forces.

Are parents, teachers and those working with the young aware of the imagery such as the number 666 and devil horns etc? Please feel free to look this up before I'm accused of oversensitivity or creating a moral panic.

Wouldn't it be powerful if the same energy was given to celebrating goodness, when feelings of love and good intent squashed those of hate?

What greater message we could convey.

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  • You have confused the devil/Satan, an aspect of Christian belief, and Wicca or Witchcraft which are religious beliefs pre-dating Christianity. Which of these did you intend to attack?
    Wiccan practise is used for good, to help healing of society as well as individuals. Maybe Rotherham needs more not less of this, and more religious tolerance?

    TigW. Wed 29 Nov 16:52:05.

  • I'm game. As long as there's going to be sweets?

    KarenDanczuk's Left Nipple. Fri 27 Oct 14:07:19.

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