LETTER: Camera situation “unbelievable”

By READER | 07/03/2017

LETTER: Camera situation “unbelievable”
Martini taxi driver Stephen Newby, who's CCTV footage can't be retrieved.

I COULD not believe what I was reading in the Advertiser on February 3 about  the taxi driver Stephen Newby who had a passenger who fled without paying. When the police requested footage from his CCTV camera they were told no one could access the footage because the person who knew how to do it was on maternity leave. Unbelievable!!

Surely Rotherham Council should have trained someone else to cover her job. That can’t be the only job she does. Although I don’t know the driver, Rotherham Council have forced all Rotherham taxi drivers to spend over £1,000 to have these things (CCTV) installed. What is the point if they can’t be looked at? They are supposed to be for the safety of drivers as well as passengers.

What if it had been the driver getting attacked or the passenger getting attacked? Are they (council) still saying that no one can check the CCTV? It’s time this was sorted out and someone else trained up ASAP before some other mishap.

Adrian Bruce, Hutton Road, Rotherham