LETTER: Better than the Super Worm Moon

By Admin | 21/03/2019

LETTER: Better than the Super Worm Moon

THIS week we’ve been dazzled by an amazing Super Worm Moon, yet shining just as bright are the future stars of West End in RTSA’s production of Chorus Line. First time I’d seen this show and it reminded me of the classic plot versus character debate, with its simple plot and in-depth character portrayals — an interesting twist on most musicals.

Seventeen hopefuls vie for a Chorus Line place, where individual back stories are cleverly revealed. And how!

The audience were wowed by inspired choreographed dance, pitch perfect singing, hilarious one-liners, a moving monologue and fascinating character insights. A pivotal moment when the director asks, “What will you do when you can no longer dance?”, before hearing the heart-rending ballad "What I did for love", which sums it up perfectly.

A grandstand, razzmatazz, big production dance number to finish had us tapping and clapping along. I’d strongly recommend seeing this slightly less well known musical, and unlike the Super Worm Moon, it can be seen all week until Saturday night at the Rotherham Civic Theatre.

Sean Webster, Brinsworth