Letter: Back to the radio...

By READER: Richard Billups | 18/10/2016 0 comments

Letter: Back to the radio...

UP to now the panel has been put together by culture secretary John Whitting Dale to review the BBC.

Before granting it its Royal Charter it needs to be able to broadcast. Well they have decided the BBC should hand over Strictly Come Dancing, The Voice and The Great British Bake Off to the private sector to boost its ratings.

You see the private sector can’t for the life of it make programmes that a popular.  Rumour is that Eastenders is going to Sky as a ‘thank you’ to Rupert Murdoch for his support to the Tories in the general election.

It’s become custom and practice to give Rupert something after every election. Just think, viewers could see Rupert Murdoch, Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger having a knees up in the Old Vic and Jeremy Clarkson in the background playing darts.

This one episode should get Sky into the low thousands of viewers. In fact it could be advertised as the episode of the Old, The Beauty and The Ugly. Without BBC television it’s back to the radio as what’s on now is getting worse by the hour. The Beeb’s been faithful through two world wars, but can we trust Johnny Foreigner?

Richard Billups, East Avenue, Rawmarsh


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