LETTER: Ashamed of mess in Rawmarsh

By Admin | 11/07/2017

LETTER: Ashamed of mess in Rawmarsh

ONCE again, annually, I have to beg to the Rotherham Council for the central reservation on Rawmarsh High Street to be cleaned.

As I have had to point out before, this road is the main northern access where people driving from all towns north of Rotherham come to visit the Parkgate Retail World to spend their money.

This is where we get a considerable amount of business rates which support our town but no money is spent on this project.

Again it is covered in cans, cartons, bottles etc. The weeds are now a couple of feet high, which, by the way, are treated annually but never cleared when dead.

Goodness knows just what visitors think of the area. I know I am ashamed.

Mrs Frith, High Street, Rawmarsh