Legacy of Labour a reason to vote Tory

Legacy of Labour a reason to vote Tory

By Cllr Thomas Fenoughty, Conservative | 06/04/2010

Legacy of Labour a  reason to vote Tory

Sir—”My dad would turn in his grave.”


“If they put a donkey up they’d win.”

When elections are coming up in Rotherham these are the two phrases I constantly hear.

I knock on doors and talk to people and the number that tell me they can’t vote for anyone but Labour because of their parents’ views irritates me.


The other excuse is that they won’t vote, there is no point, Labour will just walk it.

Of course I’m not writing here to call any Labour MP a donkey (honest) and I am certainly not out to disrespect anybody’s parents. But I will ask the people who can’t vote for anyone but Labour would your dad not turn in his grave if he saw what they had done to our country and our town?


What is the legacy of Labour? What has happened over the last 13 years that we can be proud of? I would say the minimum wage, but I can’t.


Not only does the ten per cent tax make a mockery of it, but uncontrolled immigration means there are people who will still work for less.


I will tell you the legacy of Labour. Europe making our laws and spending our money, uncontrolled immigration, thousands of innocent people lying dead in Iraq, political correctness that has crossed the line into 1984, high taxes on the working, a benefits system encouraging laziness, a criminal justice system allowing criminals to walk free while victims bear the consequences because of pathetic judgements, a proud and dignified armed forces begging for money, a pension system wrecked, billions of tax money wasted on bureaucracy and management with thousands of hardworking and enthusiastic teachers, nurses and police frustrated.


Thank you Labour. And what about our town? Higher council taxes paying to build statues and art work, a children and young people’s department that is not protecting our vulnerable children enough and a town centre so run down that it no longer feels like home.


All thanks to a party that is supposedly sticking up for the working class.


So before you complain to me in June if nothing has changed, make sure you have voted—and voted with your conscience.


And if anyone will be rolling in their graves it will be because we wake up on May 7th to Labour.


Cllr Thomas Fenoughty, Wales Ward, Rotherham Borough Council.