How will new houses help Canklow?

How will new houses help Canklow?

By Concerned resident | 02/04/2010

How will new houses help Canklow?

Sir—As reports say that Canklow is a bad area, with high crime and low employment, why is the council planning to build 29 new homes, one a five-bedroom house.

There are plans to widen the road then give these new homes off-street parking plus the house and gardens.

Just how far will these homes cut into the parklands below Boston Castle which is undergoing regeneration?

What will happen to the wildlife in the area and how will locals access the cemetery where several of us have relatives?

Will we be able to use the footpaths that we have used for generations? Just what are the plans for the area, to be pulled down section by section or just hide us by surrounding us with new buildings?

First they knock them down, then sell off the land to a housing association then they say wait a minute there is a need for council housing so lets build at Canklow.

Should not be a problem, people think it is more trouble than it is worth, just put it down to progress.

The council puts a premium on decent neighbourhoods/good communities but how will building new houses help this?

If the area is so bad just who will be moving into these homes. Also, once these have been built whose home will come down next to make way for progress?

Concerned resident (by e-mail)