By Charlie Graves | 26/04/2017


WELL, I suppose it had to happen...

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, gnomes are on the way back.

Their old fashioned image is being swept aside thanks to jokey new creations like the one here with characters taking selfies and A Godfather pose.

No doubt the traditionalists will be appalled but I reckon it’s great fun.

And it seems most people like them because sales are rocketing.

Online sales are soaring and Asda have apparently sold more than 90,000 this year.

Figures online include The Gnominator, a Gnomeland Security guard, a Gnome Smoking sign and a Game of Gnomes range.

So fears that gnomes could become an endangered species are being swept away.

Last year it was feared there were only five million left in the UK after sales halved in the previous ten years.